Personal Journey & Inspiration

Healing starts with acknowledgement, and leads to expanding awarenesses and new perceptions. The process begins as we move within where the inner world is transformed, and your world changes. You'll understand yourself in relation to the influencing forces, such as, family and culture, that shape us. Discovering options for liveable transformation frees you.

I am effective as a therapist because I, too, desired to overcome my own the traumas and upheaval in my youth and adulthood to become the woman and professional I am today.

I lost my mother to a brain aneurysm at the young age of thirteen. Without a tear for the next 12 years, I masked an undiagnosed serious depression, and the irrational guilt that I was somehow a contributor to her sudden death. Six months before her death, I started receiving confusing messages about her death through dreams, premonitions, and unusual voices - experiences I kept secret. After her death occurred, my subconscious protected me from emotions and beliefs I was terrified to confront, but it was not without consequence to my health and well-being. In my 20's, I finally collapsed.

To manage my internal conflicts, life struggles and health challenges, I sought out major life style changes, including holistic medicine, mentorship, homeopathy, energy psychology healing and organic foods, rather than traditional medications and living the downward spiral of victimization.

Despite these early trials and tribulations, I also experienced interactions with several individuals, who were unintentional mentors who opened my eyes. Combining that with a series of coincidental, but metamorphic events, resulted in revolutionary healings for me along with significant maturation. One such event was a heartbreaking miscarriage that transformed my spiritual understandings about life’s purpose.

As a happy, well adjusted, married woman of two grown children, a successful therapist and business owner, I can attest that tenacity, commitment to personal evolution, and investment in oneself can also guide us through life’s inherent challenges. You can choose how to live with any life event.

My experiences in life and the potential similarities to your challenges allow me to have deeper appreciation for your situation. This is why I believe I can help you move in a positive direction and initiate a renaissance in your life. Your commitment for your life quest can change anything.

I look forward to working with you.

Sanna Carapellotti, MS, CHt
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