Medical Stress and Its Solution

Medical stress is largely ignored and often dismissed in the wake of a diagnosis, upcoming surgery or medical trauma. The mind fills with images of bleeding wounds, lemon sized tumors or hopelessness and despair, all the while, this stress response slows the body's recovery and healing, the very experience we fear.

If it is true that negative thoughts and images create stress in the body, then the reverse must also be true - positive, empowering thoughts and images strengthen the body for optimal recovery.

Harvard University Research reveals the value of deeper states of mind reconditioned with specific mental content for pain reduction, illness management and post-op recovery. Life Changing Energy Therapies helps you establish health affirming, mind-based strategies to ease this stress, thereby, impacting the health experience.

Do you want Sanna’s undivided attention?

If you or a family member are struggling with a health condition, body pain or medically related situation, such as, an uncoming procedure or surgery, I invite you to call for your FREE 15 minute consultation - 412.344.2272

Adults  ~ Teens ~ Children 

Priorities for Surgery, FREE Checklist!

Go to surgery strong! Receive this updated report for bedside empowerment by filling out the form below! You'll discover 17+ ways to mentally prepare yourself for surgery and recovery. Call me for a 15 minute FREE consultation! 

Examples of medically related events that can create stress:

  • A recent diagnosis
  • Upcoming surgery
  • A child's diagnosis
  • Upcoming procedure
  • Illness patterns in family
  • Medical trauma
  • Childhood illness
  • Slow recovery
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Resiliency Services

  • 1-on-1 Focus Sessions, 1 , 2  or 4 hour time slots
  • Parent Consultations
  • Children sessions (Parent Consultations required)
  • Home visits (travel fee; within a 20 mile)
  • Customized Yoga for stress reduction


  • Audio programs for stress reduction, sleep and more

                   Empowered for Surgery (2 tracks)
                   Empowered for Surgery, The Series (6 tracks)
                  Custom audio programming

  • Pure, Certified Therapeutic Essential Oils


Debilitating Sciatica and An Accordian: "You made quite an impression on my parents, and even my sister Ashley.  They were absolutely STUNNED at how you helped him (Dad) Monday night. I can't say I was that surprised as I knew EFT was just shy of miraculous in what it can do, but I was ecstatic to hear about it nonetheless. Ashley texted me "I already like this lady" about 3 minutes after you arrived." J.G., Washington, PA (Dad played 6 songs on accordian after our session. Had not played in a month)

3 Vertebra Back Fusion Success! "My 72 year old father-in-law showed no sign of anxiety or stress before a 3 fusion back surgery. In previous surgeries, he exhibited acute distress and anxiety. According to the surgeon, because his success was so extraordinary, he went home 2 days early. Sanna's custom CD made the difference. Amazing." J.P., previous nonbeliever, Atlanta

Empowered for Aggressive Sugarbaker Cancer Surgery: "When we talk about Sanna Carapellotti in my house, we all agree she is no nonsense and gets in there to get the job done. In the end, we are better."  T.M., Utah
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