Food and Eating Stress Reduction

Weight loss is easy - and complicated. Easy because we can do what we are told, i.e., eat this food, and complicted because our lives and how we think impacts our relationship with food, i.e., our choices and how and when we eat. Body weight sustainability is critical to your health and happiness, and it's an inside job.

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Reducing your stress, changing personal habits, learning mindfulness and self-love, are a few of the aspects of life that determine how successful you will be with body health and weight. There is no magic wand.

Are You Ready for a Body Health Personal intensive?

You have bad habits, feel out of control and eat too many junk food. You refuse to diet and are ready to clean it up. Sanna is expert at resolving food and eating related conflict, and then, weight loss happens naturally.

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This is a no-nonsense approach and requires a three month commitment, unless assessed otherwise.

Resiliency Services

  • Stress Eating Sessions
  • Strategy Coaching
  • Mindful Eating Class
  • Junk Food Termination


  • Time to Lose Weight (3 tracks)
  • Time to Lose Weight Collection (7 Cds)



Terminated Daily 384 oz. Diet Pepsi Habit. "I nursed almost 400 ounces of Diet Pepsi every day. Using Hypnotherapy and EFT, Sanna helped me stop it permanently. I thought I was healthy because I was slender. WRONG! I am getting better now. THANK YOU!!!" Wayne B., Pittsburgh

Down 23 Pounds. "I had lost weight a 1000 times. I was deparate when I called Sanna. My health was slipping badly; I could hardly walk. I was mad at her at first because I wanted a quick fix. During these three months, I learned about my needs, what drove my stress eating habits, and why I was self-destructive. Sanna is very expert. Together we created a way to help me. I am on a good track now."  Jane T., Pittsburgh.

I was Still Eating Childhood Table Trauma. "My bad habits developed when I was three years old! Food fights, drinking and fighting was common at my house. I would just stuff myself with food and fearfully watch my parents. Sanna literally cleared the table of this stress and now I eat mindfully and slowly." Lil D., Harrisburg.

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