Our experiences at the family eating table profoundly influences our lives. 

What happened at your family table?

Return to the Table in Peace

The Family Table is a cutting edge healing experience for those who struggle with eating issues, want to enjoy eating more or experience personal struggle.

Consider this: Our families unwittingly carry life stress to the table. You hear and feel it, and watch it being acted out. We react to this stress by developing a protective response. We are positioned at a place that we don't want to leave because we might not be able to eat 'enough.' We choose to stay and eat, and thendissociate, or "go away," from eating or eat fast.

These eating habits establish themselves unconsciously, and these eating rhythms and movements continue into the present day. Although unscientific, this is what I have found in 100% of the clients with whom I have applied this modality. It is my contention that since our eating patterns establish themselves during our early years, during infancy and even in utero, learned eating rhythms can be revealed, and ultimately healed through a mental reset of  current lifestyle and desires.

Consider these questions:

  • Was there family conflict and arguing during mealtimes?
  • Did you eat together as a family?
  • Was there physical or verbal abuse at the table?
  • Who was drunk?
  • Who died (and left the table)?
  • Did one or both of your parents show up for meals drunk or on drugs?
  • Were you forced to eat foods that you did not like and to "clean your plate"?
  • Were you punished for eating or not eating?
  • How was food used?
  • What did you hear at the table?
  • Did you feel nourished, fed and cared for?
  • Did you feel as if there was never enough food?

This table work centers around a table, and is set as the family meal time, although the family is not physically present. Family table scenarios are endless in possibility. From competition to starvation to dad's alcoholism and hostile outbursts to irrational family philosophies handed down from generation to generation.

It is through this table experience that patterns of growth are revealed.

Current eating issues parallel childhood stress and strains. You might go 'unconscious' when you eat, meaning you do not realize that you even ate food. You might feel as if there is never enough food or avoid meal times by eating irradically. Some people think of eating and feel sad, and they do not understand why. Some people overeat and can't stop, and don't know why.

This Family Table work is of my own design and is done in a one session experience.

Call for your appointment (412.344.2272).  Ask to experience Family Table Work.

Return to the table in peace.

Testimonials - Weight Loss
"The "aha" moment of the family table was when you talked about my mom facing my family of origin and wanting it to be perfect because of the sadness and despair behind her from her family of origin. I NEVER THOUGHT OF THAT BEFORE. I have used that imagery to really excuse a lot of what she says and does now- maybe 'excuse' isnt' the right word but just understand. It's really not all about me. It's ok for me to say I take some things from you and others I leave behind.
This is really POWERFUL!
 My family (due to my mom's attempt to make things perfect!) always had dinner together so the representation at the table was easy to do in my mind because we really did sit there like that all the time! I guess I just never really considered the experiences behind my mom as being relevant. I never thought of messages that were being sent without being said. Interestingly, the way my brother reacts to things is perfectly in line with where he sat there- on the side and out of the direct line of my mom. 
The table experience was not really what I was expecting- honestly. I can imagine it's hard for you to just do that without background on the individuals you are seeing- it's clear that you are a talented and experienced clinician and and are quite intuitive in figuring out what is really going on with clients!
Any way that I can be involved would be fantastic. Thank you, thank you!" M.H., Pgh
Session #2: "After our family at the table session, I had dreams about my behaviors and woke up thinking, "Who are you killing yourself for?"  & your body is not the enemy & I do not take responsibility for managing my sweet cravings.  

Since then, I have been eating better, walking, and am managing my cravings for  candy better.  I like the My Fitness Pal tool.  When I see how much those M&Ms are costing me, I behave better.  I am in a much better place this week.  I liked writing the letters and writing in my journal.  The journal is a place for telling the truth and facing it.  I have sat at different place at the table.  Each place has different

What do I need?  I need to be accountable for what I eat and making better choices.  I don't have problems with any other food, just sweets, especially candy.  I want to find a way to deal with this." Mary Jo, Pgh
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