Comment of Pittsburgh Professional Women's Blog about HypnoDIning: 

"Incredibly important topic. If we aren't in a relaxed and nurturing state (parasympathetic) when we eat, we cannot digest properly which cause a whole host of issues at that moemnt and over time... and by the way ladies... many people lose weight by simply learning to slow down, be present and experience the pleasuer of eating. Thank you Sanna for the guidance to develop these skills." Kathy Lalor, Dynamic Nourishment LLC

What Previous HypnoDiners say:

"It’s been a week since your Junkfood workshop and I am still chocolate and candy free and have no cravings! Thank you for sending me that story. It gave me lots to think about. (related a client story) M.J., Pgh.

"I now own a table so I can eat at it." Liz, OH

"Wow, today is a brand new day....I am taking things slow....The thing that struck me most last night was probably a nursing we need to begin digestion in our mouths..not our stomachs..Also, eating is meant to be an enjoyable time out...not part of multitasking. After my dad died, I noticed that I was choking on food...many times not taking time to chew. I  almost called 911 soon after his funeral because I could not get what I had in my throat dislodged.  Thank you for last night. It was enlightening and a lot of fun! I tapped before lunch..feel very full and satisfied." T.K., Mt. Lebanon

"Hi Sanna,
I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful experience last night.  It truly was the first time that I have tasted a meal and enjoyed the sensation of various food textures and flavors.  Take the red peppers, I love them, but last night I experienced them.  I took the time to enjoy the scent, the flavor, the firmness, the popping of liquid when I bit into it.  It also amazed me that I didn't finish everything.  It was incredible to admire the presentation, and savor the act of eating.  

I am off today so I took the chance and tried to experience my breakfast.  A bowl of cereal I eat everyday - usually don't even realize I have finished when eating at work.  Only today, I sat at my dining room table, layed down a place mat and sat by myself with my bowl of cereal. It was wonderful....I tasted the oat flakes, enjoyed the cold milk and savored each bite of rasin.  I placed my spoon down between each bite and chewed until there was nothing solid in my mouth.  I couldn't finish the single bowl.  It was amazing.  I enjoyed my breakfast, something I could never say before.  

For lunch just now, I decided to experiment and ate it sitting with S. in the living room watching a tv show.  I know it's not the ideal place, but in my reality it is how some meals will be spent.  I wanted to see if I could savor the meal in the company of others.  I said my prayer before beginning, then began, looking, smelling and tasting.  Made sure I put the spoon down and chewed every bite.  Finding myself still hungry, I'm going to enjoy an apple, only I wanted to write you first while the joy was still within my heart. 

"Sanna, you are an incredible woman, with a gift that flows to us through your gentle words, your soft tone and your hospitality.  The experience last evening was so moving that I am going to try and incorporate it into my daily life.  And with tapping, I will try to use this to help me heal my soul of the anger, fear and jealousy that I hold so tightly to, yet know it is not who I want to be. 
I thank God for placing you in my life...." Elena, Pgh

"J. and I talked yesterday and we loved the experience you created and the powerful experiential learning it provided to us.  I know it will have a huge impact, and I look forward to reporting back to you in a month!" R.L. Pgh

"The little prayer I say has been very powerful and holds me accountable. I tossed the antacids just like you said I could."  Elsie, Pgh

"I love to eat now and discipline tastes great!"  Linda, Pgh

"I never realized the value of eating. Now it is my time to truly enjoy myself. I have a picnic everyday!" Louis, Oakmont

"This class is special. Salute and thank you!"  Bruno, Pgh

"I followed Sanna's suggestions and stopped stress eating." Lois M., Pgh

"Wow, I have been missing out - MY WHOLE LIFE! Thank you for returning me to the table." Jenn, Moon Township

“Your kind words are the encouragement I needed. I say a little prayer of thanks for you each time I eat!” Iia, Pgh

"I attended Sanna's HypnoDining class in May, 2010. Since then I have become aware of my eating habits and continue to work to change them. I was amazed when I became aware how eating was/is associated with my emotions and issues in life. I so much appreciated learning, what I call, "Quality Eating", and how to stop eating on the run.  Our society is so used to eating so quickly that we do not realize what we are truly doing to ourselves. I feel much better with no more indigestion problems and have realized my health priorities. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who wants to improve their eating habits." E. Q. Pgh

"I was not interested at first and I have to say- One of the best, most fun experiences I have had in a long time!" Louise, Pgh

"Reasons I attended: 1. I wasn't TASTING my food anymore, 2. I would look down and not REMEMBER eating my food, 3. Someone would ask me "what do you want for dinner" and I DIDN'T KNOW because I didn't ENJOY food anymore.  And these reasons too: A. Having no energy to enjoy life to the FULLEST B. Popping antacids like candy C. All my clothes were "SHRINKING"! Why wouldn't you go to Sanna's program? It supports all the other "diet" and exercise efforts that you are working so hard on! You won't be disappointed!" Rebecca, Pgh

"I am so happy to eat now. stopped buying antacids and have no more stomach pain! I am thrilled!"  E. Quarles, Pgh

"I hear Sanna's incredible voice reminding me to slow down." Barry, Pgh

"I lost 12 pounds by looking at my food and asking the vital questions Sanna recommends." Sherry, Pgh

"This class was so much fun. I learned more than I imagined I would. I am glad I took the time. I do love eating again." Kerry, Monroeville.

"I have to eat S-L-O-W-E-R now. Interesting."  Suzanne, Pgh

"I have no more stomach pain! You have no idea how happy I am! I thought it was just my body!" Tim, Pgh

"I had no idea chicken was sweet! I am so curious about eating foods now. I love it!" Jerry, Wexford, PA

"Thank you, Sanna! This was a gift to ME!" M. T. B., Pittsburgh

"Thanks again for the life-changing perspective on eating. Since the class, I have not felt much in the way of gastric discomfort (and it’s not like I haven’t eaten some spicy or less than healthy items since then!) Additionally, I eat much less and I am not as ravenous as I used to be. Until next time." Chad, Pgh

"Thank you for a wonderful experience.  It was very interesting and I was able to do a lot of thinking and some early work on why I eat like I do.  Because of my surgery I have to eat slowly and chew well but I was still not paying attention. The tastes and sensations were a new experience for me. 
I enjoyed the presentation, I wouldn't change anything.  The visuals were very powerful and very helpful.I still have to stuggle in my work atmosphere, which makes Mindful eating difficult because of the stress and pace.  I'm lucky to get a moment to stuff food in so my head doesn't hurt so bad and I get my protien in.  Eating has become a job, to get enough protien in to stay healthy so it is a little different. I do however try to Mindfully eat at dinner and I have been successful for most of the past week.  I am also very aware of my stress eating and have been more successful talking myself out of snacking because I am not hungry.  I am really trying hard to feel hunger before eating. Thank you for giving me a new way to interact with food.  It is always going to be a struggle, but I think my tools are better now to deal with the struggle. E.O., Pgh
"I am really tasting my food for the first time in a long while.  And I am chewing my food more and when I don’t I stop and realize it and start tasting and chewing better. I have slowed down my eating also.  So I do feel better about food." Sue, Saxonburg

"Your class was a special time. I will tell you the urgency to eat more and more is totally gone." D.McC. Pgh, HotDoodle™ Custom Web Design and Quality Affordable Website Designers for Small Businesses and Professionals
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