Performance Force Series (Five Tracks!)

Price:  $69.00

Looking for a mental edge? If you love your game enough, you'll appreciate the zone feel. Whether you are a professional athlete or simply looking forward to a GOOD GAME of weekend golf, use Performance Force series to boost your mind power. Performance Force laser focuses your mind to communicate with muscle to play your best game.

Imagine if you could manage your state of mind with more certainty?

Athletic conditioning programs give you the physical discipline you need to meet the demands of competition whether you are a professional - amateur - weekend warrior - high school - school age. However, mental training is usually nonexistent. You are told to 'be confident' or to get tough, but how do you do that? Do you realize there are strategies available to help you stay focused and in charge of your game.

Here is a brief description of the series:
Audio one: Performance Brilliance activates strategic aspects of mind to have at your finger tips. Courage, strength, focus and power infuse you as you mentally train for your athletic improvement. This journey is a master class for your mind.

Audio two: Ultimate Sleep guides you to sleep with a bonus- mental conditioning! All the research points to the importance of sleep for  performance improvement. It is without question a necessary part of your training. After a hard workout you need  to recharge your body and mind with sleep. Could it be any easier to be ready to play?

Ultimate Sleep lulled Edmund Nelson, previous Steeler, Steeler Analyst, to sleep! His endorsement:
"I actually slept really well with Sanna's Ultimate Sleep program. It is very effective and calming. I felt rested. I don't hear it all the way through because I was sleeping soundly. I endorse Ultimate Sleep for Sports and Competition as a another tool to help improve athletic performance."

"Yes, I used Ultimate Sleep and like it a lot. It has great effect. I recommend it."  Will Horton, Psy.D., NFNLP, Navy Seal Trainer

Audio three, Mental Mastery. Most athletes are told to 'visualize,' yet most do not engage brain processes that imprint visualization into muscle memory. This audio teaches you how to visualize and use the power of mind to rehearse a play, memorize moves and even to increase technical skills. Every athlete must have Mental Mastery as a tool for personal excellence.

Audio four, Absolute Stress Reduction. Reducing the stress of a rigorous workout or an exhausting game through deep mind relaxation, your body recharges. With deliberate rest, you can emerge with greater muscle elasticity, reactivity and even speed. These 15 minutes will make your day a winner!

Audio five: Ultimate Body Relaxation is a classic approach to releasing unnecessary tension from the body. You'll prepare your body for rest after a long rigorous work out.

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