Time to Lose Weight CD and Chocolate Bliss

Price:  $37.00

Ready to recondition your mind and reduce worry for weight loss? 

Time to Lose Weight is a 3 track guided experience designed for personal empowerment to achieve weight loss goals. It offers stress reduction to reduce your daily worries and fears, powerful affirmations to instill laser focused thoughts and the weight loss mental reconditioning program. 

Who else wants to redefine their mind for Vibrant Health and sizzling mind control?

1. Absolute Stress Reduction, Time; 27:04 

Ready to anti-age your body and prime your mind to melt fat faster?

Absolute Stress Reduction is the pinnacle program of Time to Lose Weight program. ASR peels away accumulated stress and daily tension, and literally changes your inner body- and you'll sleep better too! Learn stress techniques through this penetrating relaxation experience. Every calming breath you take releases anti-aging hormones and chemicals into your bloodstream, and helps you stop the fat storage cycle. Who doesn't want that?

Recommendation: Listen to Absolute Stress Reduction for 7 - 14 days prior to beginning and during weight loss programs.

Best time to Listen: When you feel frazzled and stressed or can't sleep. If you listen to this audio at bedtime, it has deepened sleep. Make the time to listen to this program every day and then as needed. You will love how you feel!

2. Shaping From Within, Time: 26:42

This pinnacle audio reprograms your mind for success and develops a keen sense of hunger intelligence. You sense the body's needs more strongly.  The powerful suggestions get stronger every time you listen. They literally become a part of your thoughts! Imagine your own mental buffet and you behaving delisciously disciplined. Your true authentic power is right here on this Time to Lose Weight!

Recommendations: Listen to this audio when you want deep, mind changing penetration.

Best Time to Listen: Anytime you want to relax. Listen with headphones for best results.

3. "I am My Divine" Affirmations, Time: 12:58

Who Wants To  Empowered 24/7?

These soft spoken expressions whisper into the subconsicous to inspire you. These very powerful words and thoughts will become your thoughts, your beliefs. This is the re-mind for weight loss. Listen to these affirmations when you are relaxed as they will integrate faster.

Recommendations:  When you want a refreshing boost or re-minder.

Best Time To Listen: After any of the other audios, or when you are going to sleep or waking up.

You'll love how you think and feel and then, your behaviors change and you easily lose weight - an added benefit! Take the time to offer to yourself these precious moments of empowerment. You matter that much!

Chocolate Bliss Meditation is Your Free Gift!

Imagine no guilt, just indulgence! 

You love chocolate and feel bad when you eat it.  What if you could enjoy eating just enough chocolate in a slow melty way. Now you can-

This audio guides you to engage slowly through one delicate bite of chocolate. Dark and rich, chocolate has many layers of taste. Have to tasted them? You will discover the savor of each bite.

All you have to do is have a small piece of chocolate handy and follow the guidance. It is slow an delicious. Every time you want chocolate you remember this whole bodied experience and you - slow - down.

Love chocolate all over again and with this mindful approach to loving chocolate you'll feel good about enjoying it. You are finally free to love chocolate! 20 mins in length.

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