Audio Division

Welcome to Self-Help Audio!

Five specialty areas are currently available -

  • weight loss
  • stress management
  • performance enhancement
  • sleep
  • surgery preparation. 

On each audio you will hear my voice and music in the background. Recent brain wave understandings and music developments add binaural beats and brain entrainment music to achieve deeper states of mind. All programs are professionally recorded and didgitally mastered. 

Audio programs can be purchased online or at my office.

Frequently asked questions to optimize your audio experience:

What is the best way to listen to this guided program?
Most audio programs offer clear direction or come with written instructions. Listening to guided journeys for several consecutive days prove to create the most effective and longer lasting change. Sleep programs are designed for bedtime and can be used every night or as needed.

Can I drive while listening to them?
NO! You will be in an altered state of mind similar to daydreaming. Some people doze off, fall asleep because you are in a very relaxed state. 

HERE IS HOW TO LISTEN TO GUIDED AUDIOS:  Sit in a chair with your feet flat on the floor, arms and legs unfolded. Minimize distractions by turning off your cell phone, and making sure the children and pets are cared for and out of the area. 

USE HEADPHONES. If headphones are NOT available, no worries.

What if I don't awaken from my mental state?
You would be the first person on the planet to be stuck in a guided daydream! At the end of some guided experience you are directed to continue resting, go to sleep, or you will be returned to the present time. You wake up naturally as you would from a nap. 

When you open your eyes to the present time, take a moment to re-orient yourself to your surroundings by inhaling deeply and gently stretching your body. Sit for a few seconds to make sure you are reoriented. Your energy could increase through the day.

How soon will I feel better?
Everyone is different. Some folks respond very quickly, others take a little longer. Studies show that the more you are motivated toward "change," the faster you respond to powerful suggestions. Listen to the program you purchased for several consecutive days. You can consider a private session for personal work if the audio does not fully resolve a problem.

What if I do not achieve my goals?
All is not lost! You may require private sessions. Your life circumstances are unique and getting the help you need and deserve is necessary and important.

Audio Guarantee

We guarantee all Life-Changing Energy Therapies programs as they are carefully planned and researched. You may return the program within 1 month of purchase date if you are not completely satisfied. Custom CD's not included. Call us immediately if there is damage, warping or the occasional blank cd., HotDoodle™ Custom Web Design and Quality Affordable Website Designers for Small Businesses and Professionals
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