How We Work Together


No one technique works with every individual and Sanna recognizes each of her clients’ uniqueness. She has developed an immersive approach called Life Quest, an integrated energy psychology system with a high effectiveness of deep-mind change, including : 

Sanna adapts and applies any combination of modalities to provide a personalized and optimized approach to help each client work through their respective problem and achieve desired life changes. There is no "one-size-fits-all" formula.

Beyond talk therapy, Sanna understands the working aspects of the subconscious mind, listening and observing for the following:

  • Imagery
  • Word Choices
  • Hidden Language
  • Mental Movies
  • Beliefs and Thought Patterns
  • Current Life and Ancestral Patterns
  • Body Sensations
  • Memories
  • Mental and Physical Habits 

One’s unresolved conflict from earlier years or the family lineage present symptoms, known as the problem, which is perceived to be accurate by the individual sharing and experiencing the information. Through astute observational skills, intuition and training, Sanna looks for the solution within the problem because they co-exist.

Individuals may experience The Life Quest process with eyes open, dialoging, in silence or tapping on pressure points. Sanna’s approach does not always apply the “lie back and close your eyes” method, nor does Sanna use prerecorded electronic programming. Sanna works eye-to-eye with her clients.

Life-Changing Energy Therapies is the right choice for you and any life struggle for which you seek a resolution. Sanna is the Leader in Deep-Mind Transformation.

What You Can Expect

When you arrive for your session, you’ll be greeted, by me, at the door, and escorted into a professional home office, unless we are working remotely on SKYPE or PHONE. You’ll be surrounded by the warmth of light music, the spritz of calming aromatherapy, and the restful feel of a very comfortable chair. You'll grow to feel at ease and safe.

I realize that talking to a stranger about personal matters can be unnerving. Yet, clients repeatedly tell me that they feel very comfortable after they spend a few minutes talking with me. I have no judgement or criticism of your life or your problem. I am here to help.

Next, you’ll be offered a warm cup of tea or cool water. To ease your concerns, I will answer all your questions, and offer you an explanation of your possible experience with me. You’ll be ready for your session.

And your life-changing journey begins: and we will work for up to 2 FULL HOURS. Your session will be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Each session is completely customized and you have my laser focused attention. As we work,  I select from my training, education and experience which techniques would be more effective for you. 

Lastly, we will discuss the plan of action I recommend for you. After our initial session I will tell you what I believe can help you progress most efficiently. I have developed my work to assist with unsettled feelings and life struggles, and to teach you how to continue evolving your growth after you leave here. 

PPS – The field of hypnosis has unprofessional, untrained "healers,” like any other professional. I do…and I’m willing to prove it to you by giving you $50 OFF your initial session and my best selling Time to Live Stress FREE audio (30.00 value) – for a total savings of $80 (365.00 value)!

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