Testing, Arts and Sport Testimonials:

Pianist and Teacher: "Sanna completely understands the 'inner game' of performers. With a few words, she guides us toward our potential, not only in our chosen career, but also as human beings."  Jackie Herbien, NCTM, The Physically Percpetive Pianist Wksp., Pgh

Injury Limp Gone! "I had a foot injury in October, 2011, that would not heal. I was limping in May 2012. Being a ballet dancer, I was frustrated and sad because my career was winding down and I did not want to go out this way.Then, I stumbled upon Sanna. We worked through the 'stuck energy' in my foot. There was a lot in there. After the session as I was walking away, I realized I was not limping! I was shocked! I danced for one more year and then retired." L., MA

Stage Fright Gone: " Sanna, thank you so much for your kind words and more importantly the profound impact you have had with L----. She seems to be in a much better place now and I know that is a direct reflection of the work you have done with her.  I am so glad I found you. Thanks again!" M. M., Pittsburgh area

Ballet Mom Reports: "Sanna has a gift when it comes to helping dancers focus and prepare for performance. I have watched her use her talents on many occasions to calm nervous dancers and to draw out the best from within each individual." Vita Fontana, Ballet Mom, Pgh/

Testing fears gone:  "I missed two answers on the LSAT's. Yes, I did. Thank you. I still use the techniques you taught me because I am in law school now. I have a lot of reading to do". S.D., Pgh

Academic stress recalculated: "S. got a 100 on a math test this week!" (she was flunking math)." M.M., Pgh

LSAT prep clarity: "Thanks again for your good work yesterday. Worked hard last night, and then I woke up with a good solid view of how best to tackle the practice test. I was able to come back and focus. Aced all of the questions I tried, too." T. C., Pgh

Ice Skating Champion: “I went to one of Sanna sessions because of extreme performance anxiety and negative self thinking. Sanna spent so much time with me and also came along before my session to observe my sport and what it entailed. I experienced so much positive energy out of my session. It was also therapeutic talking about my negative self doubts. Then we did guided imagery and  visualization.

When the big day came, instead of feeling like I was going to die and walk off the floor in front of the judges, I actually felt really confident, had complete control over my breathing and knew I could do a great job. I went out and performed for ME, for what I love. Thanks Sanna, you worked a miracle. I thought I could never do it!”  Amanda B., Ice Skate Competitor and Coach

State Wrestling Champion: "Joe has been having a hard time "getting his head right" since school started - he's had a terribly hard schedule, football, tons of homework, etc - and only getting 5 hours of sleep or so a night - and not good sleep - sometimes he's so stressed and wound up he wakes up every hour.

Wrestler Finally Sleeps and then Wins States: "This week he finally decided to try The Ultimate Sleep cd.  Keep in mind he usually sleeps with the tv and lights on  - he turned them off, put on the cd, and when I peeked in on him after 15 min, he was sound asleep, checked 30 minutes later, still sound asleep. The next night I check after about 30 minutes and he was out - no tv, no lights. The next night he just turned off the tv and lights and went to sleep - even without the cd!  I just wanted to let you know, just in the couple of nights he's used it, he's gotten more rest and more quality rest. Thanks so much for this... I don't think he's had many nights of good rest since he was born.... And now he has won STATES! I think it is 'cause he's sleeping!"  S. H., Mother of GA. State Wrestling Champion. (purchased Ultimate Sleep)

Ballet Dancer: "I got disc two on Saturday, and have enjoyed three nights in a row of amazingly restful sleep - it really works! Thank you so much!
 Virginia G. Reinert, Ballet Dancer  (purchased Stepping to Sleep audio, with permission)

Dancer Insomnia Gone: “I started using the Stepping to Sleep CD (for dancers) this past week, and its only been less than a week but I'm definitely falling asleep faster because I played the CD during the day to listen to it and realized I haven't heard it past like the first 2 minutes. ”  A. C., IN, Dancer

From Negative to Empowered: "Making varsity was all that mattered to me. Now I realize how much I was getting in my own way. It was no one else's fault except mine. Every one notices that my attitude has changed. You are worth the investment." J., H.S. Soccer.

Ballet Dancer: "Thank you for your support and guidance over the years. Your words and techniques offer without a doubt a settled mind and focus. I never would have survived the stress at Isreal Ballet." L. G., Professional Ballet Dancer

Audition Cd: "Thank you Sanna; I appreciate your email! We've never met, but a former ballet teacher of mine in Atlanta recommended your guided CDs  to me. I wanted you to know that your meditations single-handedly changed the way I performed as an athlete and a dancer, and even contributed to me getting into The Rock, Alvin Ailey and Alonzo King LINES Ballet. I am no longer dancing full time, but I have carried your lessons through my life as a student, as an occasional dancer, and now as a marketing professional in the entertainment world." Bethany Bengston, Dancer.

Minor League baseball: "I MADE THE TEAM aaaannnnddd we won the World Series!!!! (amateur division, baseball) Sam, 2009.

High School Hockey Player: "I am gliding on the ice. I can finally play my best."  M.M., High School Hockey Player.

From Stressed out to Empowered for Auditions: "I had no idea my mind was THAT influencial in how I perform. Now I make the difference in my auditions." M.T. Actor, N.Y.

Gymnast Flips pver her New Mind Power: " I got scared doing back flips, which was something I loved doing. I just love gymnastics and my heart was breaking. I learned how important my mind was for getting better at gymnastics, and my problem went away. I practice with my mind now too!" Amy I., 14 years old, Cleveland, OH 

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