Guided Imagery

Imagery is the world's most ancient source for healing power. Imagery is a powerful tool for health, goal achievement, and performance, and it is underutilized. Imagery plays an important role all aspects of your life and it is much more than a cognition and a mental picture.

In the body there is an inner dialogue communicating back and forth via the central nervous system. These messages are encoded in the form of images. Imagery conveys information about flow, space, musicality, force, rhythm, direction, feelings and transitions. Everything we do, think and imagine has a corresponding image.

Imagery is often limited to visualizations, yet it is much more. Each image we have expands out into the body with a corresponding experience. It can be instantly triggered from something external or internal.

The senses- sight, hearing, feeling, taste, smell, position and movement, create bodily change bridging communication between sensations of the body, emotions and perception.

It is well known that mental images (what you envision) influence neuro-muscular behavior, alter physiology and strengthen intuitive skills.

In Medicine: Mental Imagery plays a critical role indiagnosis, pain, illness, procedures and recovery. Imagery affects health intensely on very deep levels, although not certainly the sole contributor. The inner ecology which consists of hormones, blood and other chemical can shift at lightening speed with imagery changes. There are shifts occurring all day long.

An example: You might describe a pain sensation that burns like 'fire'; you aimgine a blister the size of a 'golf ball.'

Opinion:  We recognize the power of negative thoughts and imagination on health. Stress is an example. Research on stress show a causal factor of a negative mind on health. If traumatic images, real or scripted in a movie, can increases blood pressure and heart rate, then the reverse must also be true.

We can influence our bodies and health with powerful positive imagery. Mental skill building, healing images and iiner resources effect potency of the individual in preparation for the process of procedure and recovery.

Physical Health can be influenced by the mind. Imagery can assist in preparation for surgery and medical treatments. Anxiety and stress can be counter productive when the goal is to enhance healing opportunities. Imagery work is integrated into guided experiences. 

Examples: In hypnotherapy, Imagery has therapeutic powers to strengthen the awareness of Inner Healer.. This power can take the shape of human, spiritual or animal figures. Imagery always

The mind/body transforms a common experience into pictures, feelings, sounds & movement, that creates the movement quality of the body. You have heard someone describe that while under medication she 'felt like she was floating,' or pain that was "stabbing." The mind creates images that are translated into words. These expressions offer clues into tangible connections for us to understand, rather than complicated medical jargon.

In Performance: The direct application of imagery in sport, art, and dance can assist with related stress, anxiety and performance enhancement. With attention to detail and lots of practice, images can be made very realistic and believeable. Performance visualizations in order to be effect must include sight, sound, smell, feeling and positioning.  Some performers do it naturally, others require training.

An example is visualizing a performance. Most athletes and artists think through performances. The idea is to create 'believability,' that you are actually priming the central nervous system and muscles for muscle memory.

Imagery includes all of the senses -- vision, sound, feeling, kinesthetics (movement), even taste and smell. Imagine if all these senses were used to create a deeper awareness and trust in the body's ability to perform. To project outward strength, power and competence in your performance requires mind body synchronization.

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